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Can they change to my team?

We STRONGLY discourage people switching teams. It's extremely rare that it would be a good idea.

Do not ever suggest to someone in doTERRA that they should switch to your team. You can lose your account for doing so. If they ask you, you can refer them to customer service or ask them for more information. Tell them to go into their doTERRA Back Office and see who their enroller uplines are and ask them to contact them for help. If no one responds to them, then yes, you may help them. Tell them to contact doTERRA customer service at 800-411-8151, have them ask them what to do and then contact you after.

How does someone find their upline to see who they are enrolled with? This part is easy.

Go to doTERRA back office. Click Wellness Advocate services at the top, click Upline Listing. It shows you!

If they have not ordered for more than 6 months with doTERRA, they very simply send an email. The email must be from their email account on file with doTERRA to and cc: your email address.

Dear doTERRA Placements:

I have not placed an order in my account for more than 6-months and I would like to reactivate my account and move my membership as follows:

My name and Member ID#: ######

New Enroller name and ID#:

New Sponsor name and ID#:

Thank you for your support in making this change.


Enroller - Your name and your ID

Sponsor - you provide them name/ID of who you want them placed under on your team for sponsor so they can put it in their email.

doTERRA Placements will move them if it's been more than 6 months since they have placed any orders.

YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE you give them this exact wording and be sure to ensure they get moved where you want them.

In doTERRA we encourage people to "grow where they are planted." They would lose all their LRP points, their LRP percentage, their downline, etc. if they transfer. Please encourage them to enjoy their oils where they are.

Changing teams is frowned upon. Imagine if you put the work into helping someone choose doTERRA and they stopped ordering and went elsewhere because someone told them to. I would not like that after I invested time and Goodie Bags!

Also keep this in mind, if you have poor follow up and you have Members that have not ordered in 6 months, they can leave you with just an email. Help your customers fall in love with doTERRA and order!

I have friends on other teams in doTERRA. We all work together. You can add them to your Public Education groups if they need support.